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EPL Library: Scientific and Reference Databases

Scientific and Reference Databases

The library provides access to a variety of databases to help you locate published research as well as physical, chemical, and other property data.  Access to some of the online resources listed below is restricted to Carnegie Institution personnel.

Print Indexes and Bibliographies

In addition to the literature databases included above, the library has a number of print-based periodical indexes and bibliographies that are useful for searching older literature.  For assistance in locating these, please ask the librarian:

  • Bibliography on High Pressure Research (1969-1991)
  • Ceramic Abstracts (1960-1997)
  • Mineralogical Abstracts (1920-2003)
  • Physics Abstracts (1898-1989)
  • Physics and Chemistry of Glasses (1977-2017)
  • Royal Society Catalogue of Scientific Papers (1800-1900)